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Our Mission

Image by Suad Kamardeen

Let the Truth Be Told is intended to give African Americans the opportunity to speak “truth to power” through a variety of media including, but not limited to, commentary, essays, poems, history and art. These truths may be provided by parents, teachers, students, ministers, historians, and any other citizens who wish to have their truth be heard. This platform aims to transform our words into empowered activism and describes a mobilized African American community which is actively involved in insuring our liberation and our quest for equality in America. This also means energizing our family members, friends, church members and others to get involved in activities which are about shaping a democratic society equally open to all African Americans. More deeply, Let the Truth Be Told aims to encourage African Americans to participate as office holders, as well as to become outspoken attendees in town council meetings, general assembly sessions, school board meetings, and to be participants in all public venues. Let the Truth Be Told will make it abundantly clear the African American community is not stuck in the “victim mentality” and is quite willing and capable to contribute to all aspects of public service. Let the Truth Be Told will demonstrate, boost and illustrate how, as was the case with our ancestors, our demand is not something for nothing. Our quest was, and still is, to be recognized as viable contributors and to have equal rights as human beings. Despite lynching, police brutality and the psychological trauma created by enslavement, African American communities have built successful and profitable businesses, banks, schools and self-sustaining churches and we want/need to continue in these efforts by continuing to work together toward becoming even stronger. We can only become stronger by knowing and passing on the truth.

We are seeking contributors to Let the Truth Be Told. We are looking for people of all backgrounds to lend their truth and gain the opportunity for their truth to be heard. We invite you to submit narratives, essays, biographies, poems, art work, etc. Even If you feel you have something to say, but do not believe you write well enough, don’t let that stop you. Please submit what you want to say and you will be given support which will lead to your voice being heard. Let the Truth Be Told!

Tenets of Let the Truth Be Told

  • To encourage activism

  • To encourage participation and involvement

  • To inform To get the truth out

  • To empower

  • To energize

  • To promote the quest for equality

  • To celebrate our successes

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